Nordic Trout
Nordic Trout, part of the Nordic Fish group, has appointed Jussi Kosomaa as chief business officer

Nordic Trout has appointed Jussi Kosomaa as chief business officer. Jussi has extensive experience in the international food industry, most...

Finnish Nordic Fish, which is known for its Kalaneuvos brand, to invest more than one million in a gutting plant in Åland

Nordic Trout, the largest fish gutting operator in Finland owned by Nordic Fish, is expanding its operations in Föglö, Åland. The...

Nordic Trout
Nordic Fish Group, which operates under the Kalaneuvos brand, expands its operations by acquiring Terhontammi Oy

Publication-free on Friday 28 April 2023 at 2 pmNordic Fish Oy has acquired the entire share capital of Terhontammi Oy, a company...

Nordic Trout
The CEO of Nordic Trout Ab is changing

Nordic Trout Ab's board and CEO Alf-Håkan Romar have mutually agreed that Romar will leave his duties as CEO. Romar has been the CEO of...

Nordic Trout
Nordic Fish has acquired the entire share capital of Kalaneuvos OY

Nordic Fish Oy, a Finnish family-owned company, has acquired the Kalaneuvos Group, which specialises in fish processing. The Hukkanens are...

Nordic Trout
The family of entrepreneurs behind Kalaneuvos reinforces the Finnish fishery industry by acquiring Estonian-owned Heimon Kala Oy

Kalaneuvos and Nordic Trout, owned by the Hukkanen family of entrepreneurs, acquire the Estonian company Heimon Kala Oy, operating in the...

Nordic Trout
Taimen Oy to merge into Nordic Trout Ab

Taimen Oy will merge into Nordic Trout Ab. The operations as a whole will continue as before but under the name of Nordic Trout Ab,...

Nordic Trout
Ålands Fiskförädling is now Nordic Trout

Our fish farming companies Ålands Fiskförädling Ab and Ålands Fiskförädling Sverige AB have been renamed as of 1 March 2017. Their...

The family behind the Kalaneuvos brand to acquire a swedish fish farming company

Nordic Fish Oy, owned by the Hukkanen family of entrepreneurs, is expanding its fish farming operations by acquiring the entire stock of...