Finnish Nordic Fish, which is known for its Kalaneuvos brand, to invest more than one million in a gutting plant in Åland

Nordic Trout, the largest fish gutting operator in Finland owned by Nordic Fish, is expanding its operations in Föglö, Åland. The three-part investment amounts to well over one million euros and aims to further improve the quality of rainbow trout.


The first part of the investment focuses on the increase in cooling capacity, and this will show in the form of new machines at the end of the year.

“We will introduce modern equipment with more efficient refrigeration that will speed up the circulation of the fish. This will improve the shelf life of our products, which directly correlates with the quality of rainbow trout, increases its selling time, and provides flexibility in production”, says Slaughter and Sales Director Kristian Routamaa.

The second part will focus on improving the way the fish are gutted.

“Rainbow trout have different shapes, as they vary in thickness and length. Next year, we will move from using gutting machines to manual gutting. As a result, the rainbow trout will be cleaned more accurately and efficiently, while the production capacity will also increase”, Routamaa explains.

The third phase of the investment will take place in 2024–2025 and focus on sorting the fish according to their size.


Finland’s largest gutting station for rainbow trout

Föglö in Åland is the location where the majority of all Finnish rainbow trout is gutted. This amounts to around 8 million kilograms a year. The gutting plant plays a crucial role in the entire fish value chain, but it is also important for the vitality of the region and a major motivation for the staff who are building a future for themselves in the archipelago.

“For the Föglö community, this investment is significant. It demonstrates Nordic Trout’s desire to remain a strong player in the archipelago”, says Mats Perämaa, a member of the board of directors of Nordic Trout.

The future of rainbow trout looks bright, and it is important to safeguard fish farming with domestic resources.

“In many ways, rainbow trout is a superior Finnish fish species. Its meat is firm and low in fat, and it is suitable for all dishes like salmon”, says Routamaa, the director of the gutting plant.

Nordic Trout’s exports are growing at the same time as the authorities recommend increasing the consumption of fish as a source of animal protein.

“Quality has been our most important principle for over 50 years. We grow and process our products in accordance with our values, and our primary focus is on quality. This investment will improve our efficiency, increase the shelf life of our products significantly and ensure a higher quality for our customers”, says Veijo Hukkanen, Chair of the Board of Directors of Nordic Fish Oy, the company behind the group.

The company controls the entire production chain of rainbow trout and holds a leading position in Finland.

“In line with our strategy, we always offer fresh and responsibly farmed fish of high-quality in all our products. Our goal is to make our fish even tastier. This one-million-euro investment in quality represents the implementation of our vision and our desire to be the best,” says Hans-Mikael Helenius, CEO of Nordic Trout Ab and Kalaneuvos Oy.


Additional information:

CEO Hans-Mikael Helenius, Nordic Trout Ab and Kalaneuvos Oy
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Nordic Fish Oy, Veijo Hukkanen, Chair of the Board of Directors,
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Nordic Fish is a Finnish family-owned company that includes the fish farming group Nordic Trout and the fish processing group Kalaneuvos.

The fish farming business produces approximately 9 million kilos of rainbow trout annually in 30 locations in mainland Finland, Åland and Sweden, and is one of the EU’s leading producers of rainbow trout roe. The fish processing business under Kalaneuvos produces delicious fish products in Sastamala, Turku and Kaskinen and processes more than 15 million kilos of fish annually. Professionally prepared products, farmed and wild fish from clean Finnish waters, and the best imported raw materials guarantee premium quality and superior taste. The turnover estimate for the entire Nordic Fish Group for 2023 is around EUR 140 million.