On sustainability

Our goal is to be responsible and follow the principles of sustainable development in all our operations. Sustainable development involves three dimensions of equal value: environmental, social and financial.

At present, fish farming is a comprehensively regulated and monitored industry in Mainland Finland, Åland and Sweden. We adhere to laws and government regulations in the various areas of our operations. The industry is still rather young as a business sector and on a commercial scale. Significant improvements have been made and steps have been taken forward over the last 10-15 years in particular. Environmental protection and other interests and uses, as well as sustainable use of resources, are taken carefully into account. The environmental impacts of operations have decreased significantly.

Fish farming is subject to a licence and requires an exact and thorough licensing process based on various legislations and decisions by authorities. The operator must prepare a detailed assessment of environmental impacts, including information on the technical solutions, scope and location of the operations as well as their assessed impact on the environment and on other interests and parties. This is to ensure adequate and appropriate consideration of environmental protection and possible other parties and interests. The supervisory authority regularly checks that the operations are being carried out according to all licence terms and legislation. Our operations are well-documented under an extensive internal control programme that includes sampling, measurements and analyses. The obligatory monitoring is performed by an external expert body, in accordance with a plan approved by the authorities, in order to determine the impacts of our operations on the environment.