Nordic Fish has acquired the entire share capital of Kalaneuvos OY

Nordic Fish Oy, a Finnish family-owned company, has acquired the Kalaneuvos Group, which specialises in fish processing. The Hukkanens are the entrepreneur family behind Nordic Fish Oy, and Kalaneuvos Oy was owned by kalatalousneuvos (Fisheries Counsellor) Veijo Hukkanen and Toni Hukkanen.

Kalaneuvos is the largest producer of smoked fish in the Nordic Countries. Nordic Fish is the largest rainbow trout farmer in Finland and Sweden and the largest provider of rainbow trout roe in the EU.

‘The acquisition supports and clarifies our companies’ growth strategy and our goal of becoming one of the largest producers of rainbow trout products in Northern Europe. We are firm believers in the fish industry, as demand for fish products continues to grow globally because they are healthy, tasty, and have a low environmental impact. The carbon footprint of domestically farmed sea trout is very small, only 3.7 kg CO2-eq. per kilogram of fillet,’ says Veijo Hukkanen, chair of the Nordic Fish Board of Directors. He continues: ‘Nordic Fish´s acquisition is a continuation of the increasing number of acquisitions and their coordination.’

Nordic Fish has acquired 100 per cent of the shares of Kalaneuvos, thus expanding its activities into the fish processing industry. All Kalaneuvos Group employees will continue to work in their current positions.

With its fish farming, significant processing capacity and modern production facility, Nordic Fish will meet the growing demand for fish products. The future Nordic Fish Group will be one of the largest trout companies in the European fish industry and the largest fish industry operator in Finland. Nordic Fish has continuously invested in expanding its fish farming operations to meet the growing demand for fish in Finland and around the world.

‘We are happy that Nordic Fish´s acquisition of Kalaneuvos is complete. From now on, we will work together according to our values and strategy,’ says Toni Hukkanen, CEO of Nordic Fish Oy.


The family of entrepreneurs behind Nordic Fish has invested around €40 million in their businesses over the last three years. Most of the investments have been made with the intention of expanding the Sastamala factory and acquisitions.

‘Nordic Fish also sees significant growth opportunities in fish products internationally. Demand for fish is growing strongly, and we want to support a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The combined turnover from the companies in 2022 will be more than €160 million,’ Toni Hukkanen continues.


Kalaneuvos Oy, Hans-Mikael Helenius, CEO, tel. +358 50 5237 297


Established in 2015
Estimated turnover in 2022: EUR 65m
Approximately 130 personnel
Operates in mainland Finland, Åland and Sweden


Established in 1975
Estimated turnover in 2022: EUR 100m
Approximately 170 personnel
Locations: In Sastamala, Turku and Kaskinen

A Finnish company, the largest producer of smoked fish in the Nordic countries

Brands: Kalaneuvos, Martin Kala, Heimon, Saaristomeren paras kalapaikka

Nordic Fish Oy is a Finnish family-owned company that includes the fish farming group Nordic Trout and the fish processing group Kalaneuvos.

Nordic Trout Ab and its Swedish subsidiary Nordic Trout Sweden AB specialise in fish farming. They have roughly 30 fish farms in mainland Finland, Åland and Sweden. Nordic Trout’s fish farming roots go back to the 1960s, and its farms produce around 9 million kilos annually.

Kalaneuvos Oy has been producing high-quality fish products since 1975. The company operates in Sastamala, Turku and Kaskinen. Kalaneuvos is a pioneer in fish processing and the wholesale, import and export of fish. The company develops, produces and markets premium fish products under the Kalaneuvos brand and private label brands for supermarket chains. Skilfully processed and prepared products, farmed and wild fish from clean Finnish waters, and the best imported raw materials guarantee premium quality and superior taste. The Kalaneuvos Group includes Martin Kala Oy, the largest producer of Baltic herring fillets in Finland, which operates in Turku and Kaskinen. The fish processing group processes more than 15 million kilos of fish every year.