The family behind the Kalaneuvos brand to acquire a swedish fish farming company

Nordic Fish Oy, owned by the Hukkanen family of entrepreneurs, is expanding its fish farming operations by acquiring the entire stock of Slotts Lax Ab, a Sweden-based fish farming company.

Founded in 1985, Slotts Lax Ab is a longstanding supplier of edible fish for Nordic Fish group. Slotts Lax produces approximately 1.2 million kilos of edible fish per year. It also has an annual production capacity of some two million fingerlings.

Like its new owner, Slotts Lax Ab is also a family-run company by the second generation of the family. The employment of the brothers Christer and Patrik Slott, who used to own the company, as well as those of the rest of the staff, will continue in the company. Based on the shared history, cooperation is expected to continue fruitfully in the future: ‘The acquisition between the two family-run companies proceeded in good spirits and on schedule. It is great to cooperate with entrepreneurs who are experts in what they do,’ says Toni Hukkanen, President / CEO of Nordic Fish.

The Slott brothers have always wanted to develop their company further, and have aimed to do things better than before. ‘We are eagerly looking forward to the future of our company and our development together with the Hukkanen family,’ Christer and Patrik Slott say cheerfully.


Known for their high quality fish products sold under the name Kalaneuvos, the Hukkanen family will improve the availability of their raw materials through the acquisition.

Concentrating on rainbow trout, the fish farming company’s operations will support the strategy of the family-run company, which states that the group strives for growth, particularly by offering its customers rainbow trout in its various forms. At the moment, the company exports products to approximately ten countries, and is actively looking for new target countries.

‘As a family-run company who looks towards the future, it is important for us to strengthen our position as a Nordic export company, and this acquisition supports this goal,’ says Veijo Hukkanen, President / CEO of V. Hukkanen Oy.

Nordic Fish and V. Hukkanen Oy in brief

Kalaneuvos – V. Hukkanen Oy is a Finnish family-run company which has produced high-quality fish products since 1975 in Sastamala and Turku. V. Hukkanen Oy develops, produces, and markets finest fish products under the Kalaneuvos brand as well as private label brands for store chains. The company deals in fish processing, wholesales, import, and export.

The Hukkanen family also owns Nordic Fish, a group of companies concentrating on fish farming, with over 30 locations in Mainland Finland, Åland, and Sweden. Combined, the companies owned by the Hukkanen family form the largest operator in the fish industry in Finland.

The Hukkanen fish industry companies in 2016

Staff: approximately 250
Annual fish sales over 20 million kilos
Turnover 105 million euros

Slotts Lax Ab in brief

Slotts Lax is a Swedish fish farming company, founded in 1985 by Göran Slott. Göran’s two sons Patrik and Christer have managed the company since 2005. The company specialises in rainbow trout fingerling production and farming edible fish. Slott Lax Ab has four farming units in Sweden, with a total annual production volume of approximately 1.2 million kilos of edible fish.

Slotts Lax Ab 2016

Staff: 6
Edible fish capacity 1.2 million kilos per year
Fingerling production capacity 2 million fingerlings per year
Turnover approximately 5 million euros

For more information, please contact:

Toni Hukkanen
President / CEO of Nordic Fish Oy
Executive Vice President of V. Hukkanen Oy

Tel. +358 500 900 378