Rainbow trout

The rainbow trout has been referred to with many different names in Finland, such as ‘forelli’ and ‘sateenkaarirautu’. Today, it’s official Finnish name is ‘kirjolohi’, which was given to it by former President Urho Kekkonen. The species, whose scientific name is Onchorhyncus mykiss, was most likely originally brought to Finland from North America in the 1950s. Since then, the rainbow trout, like many other livestock today, has been processed. The rainbow trout is the most popular edible Finnish fish in Finland. It is a delicious and versatile basic food for everyday meals and special occasions alike, containing great quantities of vitamin D, healthy omega-3 fatty acids and proteins.

Rainbow trout is a popular fish species with beautifully patterned skin and fins as well as a red and violet lateral line and small dark spots on the skin and fins. Rainbow trout is a red-fleshed fish.

Nordic Trout’s fry and plants are primarily delivered to us from the parent company and partly from contractual farmers. For the most part, they originate from our own broodstock. Fry are delivered to us at ages 0 (average weight 10-30 g) and 1 (average weight 50-500 g). They grow to the size at which they are sold (approximately 2.5 kg) within two growing seasons.

Rainbow trout do not form permanent wild populations in the Nordic countries, and there is no compelling evidence that the species would be able to breed in our natural waters. As such, even if any rainbow trout manage to escape, they pose no threat to wild fish populations.