Nordic Trout

Sea trout

Sea trout (Salmo trutta trutta) are found in lakes, flowing waters and the sea across the Nordic countries. Sea trout form regional and local populations that are unique to these areas. Many of the wild populations of sea trout in the Baltic Sea region are threatened due to human activity.

Sea trout is an important farmed species, primarily for fish stocking purposes in order to strengthen the wild populations and promote sport and recreational fishing.

In contrast, cultivation of sea trout as edible fish is fairly limited. Our company has cultivated sea trout as edible fish for many years on a small scale. We have good experiences of these operations, and it seems that sea trout are well-suited for farming with regard to temperature requirements and disease resistance, among other things. However, sea trout grow slowly and take two to three growing seasons to reach the selling size of approximately 1 kg.

Sea trout fry are for the most part delivered to us for further cultivation from our parent company’s facilities. The sea trout is a very beautiful fish species that is a highly valued delicacy among consumers.